Es sind endlich Ferien - meine langersehnten Ferien!! <3 Wie lange habe ich auf diesen herrlichen Augenblick gewartet *-* Ich wollte wegfahren, bleibe aber doch anscheinend meinen Freunden. Also hab ich genug Zeit, um euch hier vollzutexten ;P

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  C-I-A-RA, Come On...

  C-I-A-RA, Come On...

[VERSE 1:]

Pull up your pants, just like him
Take out the trash, just like him
getting your cash like him, fast like him
girl u wanna act like he did
I'm talking bout, security codes on everything
on vibrate so your phone don't ever ring
a foreign account and another one he don't know about


Wish we could switch up the roles and I could be that
Tell you I love you, but when you call, I never get back
Would you ask them questions like me, like where you be at
Cuz I'm out, 4 in the morning on the car rolling doing my own thing


What If I Had A Thing On The Side
Made You Cry
Would The Rules Change Up Or Would They Still Apply
If I, Played You Like A Toy
Sometimes I wish I did act Like A Boy

[Verse 2:]

Girl go ahead and be just like him
Go run the streets like him
Go home missin sleep like em, Creep like em
Front wit ur friends, Act hard when u with them like him
Keep a straight face when you tell a lie
Always keep an air tight alibi
Keep it hid in the dark
What he don't know won't break his heart



Can't be getting mad, but u mad, can't handle that [x4]

[Verse 3:]

If I was always gone
Hit the sun getting home (Would you like that?)
I told u I was with my crew when I knew it wasn't true
If I act like u
Walked a mile off in ur shoes (Would you like that?)
Messing with ur head again
Dose of your own medicine


Can't be getting mad, but u mad, can't handle that [x4]
R-A go, here's the clutch...
If I paged u (would you like that?)
Had friends (would you like that?)
With a car (would you like that?)
Hell Nah, You wouldn't like that, No!
What If I? If I, played You Like A Toy,
Sometimes I wish I would act Like A Boy
Can't handle that...

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